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Jeanmarie K.
Albany, NY
[5.0 star rating]

Can I add more stars? We had a couple of HUGE trees removed by Anjoes and I figured I would have a huge cleanup job 
waiting for me when I got home. Holy cow! It looked as if the trees had never been there. These guys are pros and really know what they are doing.They had the best "estimate"and were priced very reasonably. 
Awesome honest professional people. No kidding.

Medium F.
Troy, NY
[5.0 star rating]

They sent a team over to my house today to take down a large Maple in-between a shed and chicken coops.  The did a great job.  Nothing got damaged and they cleaned up all of the mess all for a very reasonable price.  I would use them again.

Cathy F.
Altamont, NY
[5.0 star rating]
11/3/2017   Updated review

I posted a bad review without giving Anjoe Tree Service a fair chance. We thought Joe was not coming because the promised arrival time had passed. JOE DID SHOW UP AND GAVE A VERY FAIR ESTIMATE to remove 2 trees. It was a Sat and he was a little late because he had to drop off grandchildren to a party (that he was also attending) and he came back to our home for the estimate. He was a great guy and we are going to go with Anjoe for removal.

john e.
Saratoga Springs, NY
[5.0 star rating]

My wife set up an appointment with these guys to take two trees down in our yard - Outstanding is not even enough to say about this company - The guys were super, very professional and respectful - and they took both trees , cleaned up and were gone in less than 4 hours. I would recommend Joe and his team any time.

Claudia M.
Albany, NY
[4.0 star rating]

For some strange reason I thought tree removal would cost millions of dollars....luckily I was utterly deluded. Joe (i think that's his name - if it isn't that is what I will be calling him for the rest of this review) and his team did quite the job. About 19 trees and overgrown bushes for 2k. 
So Joe is quite the personality - a bit intense but he knows what he is doing. Within 45 minutes of getting to our place Anjoe's guys had already taken down 3 trees. I have to say I was impressed and got a tad too into watching the process - I wish I could've helped out but then I felt too much like Saruman and started to feel guilty. 

Joe and his team gave us an opportunity to start fresh and we are very happy! I really only wish they left a pile of mulch as I had asked them to.

Douglas M.
Albany, NY
[5.0 star rating]

Professional is what Joe LaPuma is we had a neighbor's extremely large branch come down in our yard (no damage to fence) and we needed another neighbor's pine tree limb hanging over garage and entangled with our house power line (Nat Grid doesn't trim)! We called Anjoe came out did estimate to remove both and a very fair cost time to remove 1 hr!! They we here two days later and crew was very professional and polite branches removed yard cleaned and gone in 1 hour!!! Call them if you've got tree problems!!!

Patricia L.
Cohoes, NY
[5.0 star rating]

I called Anjoe because of the good reviews I read . The owner returned my call within 3 hrs. set up an app. For estimate called when he could not make it and made new date.Arrived on time ,very pleased with price. Very professional . The owner Joe LiPuma gave me a two week time frame and the crew including Mr. LiPuma was at my house ten days later. The work was completed like time work within 2 hrs..You would never know there was work done,so clean. The Forman also named Joe was great as was the other 3 crew members. Very satisfied. ( just a added note I had tried to contact many other tree services most well know. A few never responded to my call or never showed up for the estimate,one never showed up for the job and all were for more money, a couple double the price). I am so happy to have found ANJOE TREE SERVICE.

John B.
Albany, NY
[5.0 star rating]

I had Anjoe remove 4 pine trees last week.  Two were upwards of 24" diameter within 15' of my house; the others were closer to 16" and within 5' of my house.  This crew of 4 performed flawlessly.  They've got an efficient, safe, process - there's no surprises, never a close call - these guys really take pride in their execution.  As far as price, if you have reasonable expectations from the start, Anjoe will pleasantly surprise you.  Their equipment is expensive to buy and maintain, it allows them to work as efficiently and safely as they do, and I think their rates are quite modest for what they bring to the table.  It's a no-nonsense business, they offer absolute clarity in quotes before they start work, and at least for me, they left my yard looking as clean as it did before they arrived.

Daniel P.
Irving, TX
[5.0 star rating]
First to Review
I've just started working with Joe with some upcoming projects. When he says he will do something, I have learned that I can trust it will be done. He has proven to be direct, honest, and driven. I would recommend Joe to any friends or family members looking for tree service work in the Albany area.